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    Drum Pack

    Everything the digital drummer needs

    Make airdrumming happen like no other, with midi-controllers that fit in the palm of your hand.

    This set includes two Drum’s, which means twice the amount of awesome. Whether you’re a modern drummer or live legend, the drum pack is a must-have for electronic drumming on stage, in the studio, or on the go. So step away from your screen and let human intuition take over.

    Drum gives you all the tools you need to create non-quantized and intriguing beats. Flip through sample banks, apply effects through rotation, and even start a recording session all from the comfort of your couch or hammock. Or captivate your audience by triggering samples live on stage, connecting your audience’s eyes and ears, for a mind blowing performance.

    If you’re a beat junky with bass in your heart? Then this pack will get your heart pumping.


    Experimental Pack

    Think outside of the box

    Break through your creative block, and experiment with different ways of creating music.

    This set includes Scan and Wob, our two most artistic instruments. They help you explore new and inventive ways to look at your music production process. Instead of spending hours flipping through samples, you can discover new harmonies and intonations in your pre-existing sounds.

    Scan allows you to find music in anything you draw yourself, but you can also scan other’s art to take inspiration from. Wob adds another dimension to your gear, where physical motion is fully reintroduced to music. And combined they become the perfect two handed tool to create intricate soundscapes and daring experimental music like none before.

    If you’re the creative type, who not only thinks outside the box, but has created an entirely new world out there? Then this pack has the tools you need to keep building it.


    Live Pack

    Enhancing live performance

    Captivate your audience by bringing a new dimension to your music by connecting eye and ear.

    This set includes Drum, Wiggle, and Wob, our three most expressive instruments. These controllers implore you to step away from your buttons and knobs, and fully interact with your sound. Engage your audience by becoming a live performer, instead of a live producer.

    Drum allows you to trigger samples without staring at your laptop, flip through sample banks and apply effects through rotation, so you can keep the party going even if you’re crowd surfing. Use wiggle to apply effects to sound or voice through rotation in three directions. And Wob let’s you move-your-sound through waving motions for all to see.

    Do you believe electronic music should be performed rather than played back? Then this pack is your new live set.


    Essential Pack

    The producers toolbox

    All you need to create non-quantized beats, and digital music with the same passion and human intuition as Vivaldi.

    This set includes two Drums, Wiggle, and Scan CRD, and provides you with the MIDIS 2.0 essentials. Explore new and creative patterns that you wouldn’t have discovered behind your standard keyboard. By bringing actual movement back into the studio you become more connected with your sound, and bring out the inner artist in you.

    Drum gives you all the tools you need to create non-quantized and intriguing beats. Add wiggle to your existing gear to add another dimension of sound, or fully connect during your mixing process. And Scan CRD gives you that innovator tech feel, so you can turn literally anything into music.

    Are you not afraid of finding new and inventive ways to define your sound, and bring human intuition back into the studio? Then this pack is for you.


    Full Pack

    What more could you want

    Whether you’re a performer, producer, or both. The MIDIS 2.0 will take you on a wild ride in discovering new and inventive ways to shape your sound.

    We believe that electronic music production shouldn’t feel like coding, but should offer the same passion and human intuition as traditional music. These four instruments help you connect with your sound, and engage your audience.



    Product Information

    How do I set up my MIDI 2.0 for the first time?

    You can power and pair the MIDIS 2.0 by holding the yellow button for three seconds. The MIDIS 2.0 will light up (the LEDs) and you are able to pair your MIDIS 2.0 with your laptop, PC, mobile phone or tablet by searching for the MIDIS 2.0 device in your Bluetooth Settings Section on your operating system. For a more detailed description you can take a look at our tutorial videos to find out how to set up the MIDIS 2.0 for the first time. 

    Are the MIDIS 2.0 customizable?

    Yes, the MIDIS 2.0 are totally customizable. With the utility software you can choose the responsiveness of the MIDIS and a lot more.

    Which MIDI information can be transferred?

    The MIDIS 2.0 use midi CC notes to transfer data. Human interaction with the MIDIS 2.0 is translated to this language so you can use your favorite DAW and VST instruments. 

    My MIDI 2.0 won’t turn on, now what?

    The USB cable might not be plugged in far enough. Make sure that the yellow edge of the cable is in contact with the white MIDI 2.0 casing. Be sure to double check if the USB cable is plugged into a working USB power adapter or PC/laptop. The cool thing, you can still use your MIDIS 2.0 whilst charging! With the USB cable plugged into your PC or laptop you will be able to charge them and use them with your favorite DAW and VST instruments. 

    How do I connect my MIDI 2.0 over bluetooth?

    You can put your MIDIS 2.0 in pairing mode (Bluetooth) by holding the yellow button for three seconds. This way the MIDIS 2.0 will be findable for your Bluetooth device. By selecting the MIDIS 2.0 it will automatically pair with your device and ready to use. 

    How can I reset my MIDI 2.0?

    You can reset your device by disassembling the backplate of your device. At the bottom of the PCB you can find a steel button. Press this once and you can reset your device. For more information check the help page.

    User guides

    You can find user guides at the download section of our website. 

    Shipping and delivery

    How long does shipment take?

    Shipment depends on your location.
    We always ship with PostNL and will be send with a track & trace code. For more information check PostNL.

    Where is my package shipped from?

    All packages are shipped from our headquarters located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  

    What are the shipping costs?

    Shipping costs depend on your region and will be automatically calculated in the shopping cart.

    What if my product arrives damaged?

    All our shipments are insured. If you notice that the box is (severly) damaged, do not accept the parcel. If you only find the contents to be damaged after opening, be sure to take pictures and send us a message right away. We will make sure that you will receive a new package (without any damages) as soon as possible.

    Payment and safety

    Is my payment information safe?

    All our transactions are done with Mollie payments, a widely used Amsterdam-based financial tech company. Through rigorous security checks, safe data storage, employee screenings and compliance with every available regulation, Mollie can ensure the safety, stability and reliability of their payment platform.

    Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept payments through; credit card (VISA/MasterCard/AMEX), iDeal, PayPal, and, Bancontact/Mr Cash.

    Can I receive an invoice?

    You can request a formal invoice with tax information by sending us an email at: All orders receive a receipt and shipment information upon payment of the order.

    Return and exchange

    What is your return policy?

    We offer a 14 day money back guarantee for all items purchased directly on Be sure to handle the product with care, as the item has to be in an “as good as new” condition for you to receive a full refund. If you wish to return a product, please contact our helpdesk;

    What does your return process look like?

    Contact our helpdesk within 14 days of receiving your package to request a full refund. For more details on the specifics, please check Chapter 7: Right of Withdrawal in our terms and conditions: 

    Warranty and repair

    Who do I contact?

    For warranty and repair you can contact our helpdesk; We also have a contact form on our website which you can fill in. 

    What is covered by warranty?

    The MIDIS 2.0 come with a 1 year limited warranty for the original owner, starting from the date of purchase. OWOW  warrants that products sold through the website are free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship when delivered to you.The warranty does not cover damage caused by the purchaser. See Chapter 8: Warranty in our terms and conditions:

    Can I get replacement parts for the MIDIS?

    We do not offer separate replacement parts for purchase as we do not recommend to service the unit yourself. 

    Will my product be replaced or repaired?

    This depends on the issue with your device. If the problem is fixable we will try to fix your device with new parts (a new battery or PCB for example), if it is not fixable you will receive a new one. 

    Other questions

    What is your privacy policy?

    OWOW will process personal details of the Consumer in accordance with the privacy statement published on the OWOW Website: