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    Translate three dimensional movement into music and effects.

    Gain full control over sounds and effects by rotation in three directions. The natural next step for expressive singers, and performing artists. By using cards, we keep your ecological footprint smaller and our price a bit more affordable. Using wiggle you can translate your reactions into music.
    - 14-day returns
    - 1 year warranty
    - Apple OS
    - Windows


    Control effects and sounds by tilting and twisting wiggle in all directions.



    - 3D motion control
    - Send CC/notes
    - MIDI over Bluetooth/USB
    - Rechargeable via USB
    - 4 hour wireless playtime
    - Hyper portable
    - Durable aluminum casing
    - Settings fully adjustable via the OWOW utility



    Press once to toggle sleep mode, twice to switch modes.
    Turn X-Axis on/off
    Turn Y-Axis on/off
    Turn Z-Axis on/off
    Kill mode You can switch to kill mode when double pressing the yellow button. Hold the x, y, z, button to activate CC and tilt the wiggle in any direction. Release the button and the value will drop to zero.
    Live mode Press the x, y or z button once to activate CC. Press again to deactivate CC.

    Compatible with so much, you didn’t even knew it existed

    All midis are compatible with almost all music and visual related software, Even light and show software is waiting for you midis.


    Personalize and modify your MIDIS

    Musical instruments should feel as an extension of yourself, and not the other way around. Therefore we offer the OWOW Utility with all MIDIS. In the Utility you can personalize and modify all settings of all MIDIS in a clean and easy to use interface. Available for both Windows and Mac, at our Downloads page.

    One last thing and we call it cards

    All MIDIS come in two models. The aluminum cased models and the bare circuit board models, which we call cards. The cards are the essence, the bare circuit board, but hold all the exact same functionalities of the cased MIDIS. The only difference is, these cards demand you to 3D print the casing yourself. By doing so, we keep your ecological footprint smaller and our price a bit more affordable. The casing files can be found on the Download page.

    Full 3D voice control

    The natural next step for expressive singers. Control effects over your microphone output, by moving and twisting wiggle around all directions. Be free and have full control over your own voice.

    Analog feel digital control

    Connect wiggle to your beloved analog synthesizer and blend in digital possibilities, to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Visually control your visuals

    Visuals are the next step in expressive live performances. Link up wiggle and visually control your visuals and make sure you steal the show.

    Appears in

    essential pack
    full pack
    live pack